Gallery Entrance

All artworks shown on these pages are Copyrighted by Samuel Vergio Miensinompe - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. These artworks may be saved for personal use, but most not be published, sold or redistributed.

WARNING, some of the artworks you are about to view are Gothic in nature. If you suffer from depression because your partner forgot to put fabric softener on your favorite laundry, or, like me, you have left the Polaner All Fruit outside the refrigerator, overnight! I feel for you, and please do not proceed; however, if you like Gothic art, like to dress in long black fashions, and like Techno, do please, put your earphones on, and get into the art.

I have a brand new CD tecno album out called Fetching Leah. There are a coulple of songs in that ablum that I recoment you check out when watching my art. There is Dancing Around The Blue Light, and Waves Of The Storm. Check them out at iTunes, or at