WordShape Art Page

The following, explains how thoughts within words can describe the forms, the colors
and the shades of an artwork.

WordShape Art

In an opposite manner, WordShape Art is somewhat
like hieroglyphics, for the thoughts within the words are the factors which dictate
the shape of an artwork.

I shall attempt to make the following words into a simple artwork:

"You are my everything, and although I love you, I can not help the fact that I also hate you."

The artwork below is suggesting what these words mean,
while also adding a dark ambiance, as well as further describing the type of love
and hate being felt within this dark relationship.

This is what each shape and shade of color means, at least, to me:
Round form (You are my everything.); The light part (although I love you,);
Dark red (I can not help the fact that I also hate you.)

Notice that the line of contrast which separates the lighted part
from the dark red turns sharp as it travels towards the red.
This is to show that the hate is not being wanted; it is just a factor
which can not be helped. Within these edges, there are also soft parts,
meaning that there are some moments when the hate and love accepst each other as a factor
of the relationship.

This is the shape in its simplest form,
but more things can be added to make the statement more obvious.
Perhaps, a hint of an inside out hart shape shadow within the circle
would help the statement even more.

Personally, I do not like making this artwork statement more obvious.
It might kill its mystery or make it redundant; but then again, these factors within art
are a manner of personal perspectives.

Notice how I have added a golden rim to the artwork to give
more value to the "You are my everything" statement.

©1998 Samuel Vergio Miensinompe