About Me

Welcome to my web site. I hope you enjoy it.

To say a little bit about me, I am an artist, photographer, musician and a doctor in science.
I love animals and the environment.
I am a down to Earth person up on the Moon somewhere.

It is my wish to explore science the way it truly is, and be highly creative.

I do not care much about politics and all of the bull crap it tends to bring to our society and our science.

Some of my best achievements, although they have not been recognized include:

The most accurate theory of ethology concerning the evolution of mental stimuli and
biological process of awareness.

The most accurate theory of gravitation in the world.

And a great theory on how dinosaurs may have evolved towards becoming birds.

I do consider myself much smarter than the average bear at these subjects, perhaps
because I have an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to learn and criticize the knowledge
until it makes sense from every perspective.

So I am meticulous and highly intellectual mainly because it is a compulsion of mine as well as an obsession.

I am also an independent inventor. I have not yet gotten a contract with a
company to do any of my inventions yet. In order to do that, I have to show my inventions.
Without much money, an inventor in America can not go too far. We need better programs for inventors.
The economy would thank us, as well as the people. We could solve so many problems.

My little iSaucer. Only 5 billion miles on it, almost new.

I have some cool artworks and cool theories for those of you who like that sort of stuff.

Take care, enjoy my site.