The Meaning And The Spirit Of Life

Most scientist say that spirituality and science are not a part of each other,
and that life evolved out of a conjuncture of meaningless events.
But, perhaps, most of us say that, for we have not really tried to find the evidence
which would give us a better understanding of what life is.

If we study the factors of life itself, they shall tell us the answer to such question
just as if we where reading it from a book.

To start understanding what the meaning of life is, we have to understand
the actions of cause and effect. This is the mayor factor which has created
meaning throughout the universe by creating actions which lead
towards a certain order.

To understand the meaning of life, we must also know its beginnings.
Long after the big bang, through the actions of cause and effect,
a molecular structure finally came to be which proclaimed a new
meaning within the universe. Unlike other molecular sturctures,
this one was not only able to exist, but it was also able to multiply,
thereby, creating a wonderful new meaning, the meaning of self preservation.

So before conscious creatures such as fish, mammals and birds,
there was, within the actions of biology, the mighty statement which has helped
create all life on the Earth and, perhaps, all life within the universe;
the statement which also gave life its first meaning;
the statement known to us humans as, "I will exist."

Every procreating life form, no matter how simple it may be,
automatically creates the meaning "I will exist,"
for procreation is a statement of wanting to exist.

Much time has gone by since the first life forms came into being.
Now, within this space of motion and time, life, through biological adaptations,
has become very much complex. With its many senses, mental stimulations,
awareness and others, the meaning of life has become more meaningful than "wanting to exist."

Mental stimuli such as feelings, the ability to play,
run, jump, fly, and swim, as well as senses of recognition, which created
consciousness and self awareness, has given life the ability to enjoy itself
acquiring the meaning "to live" and "to enjoy the stimuli."

Senses of curiosity has given life the meaning "to understand."

The countless mutations which life produces when it procreates has given life the meaning
"to be unique."

And the countless environments which have provided competition
and natural selection to life, has given life the meaning "to evolve,"
"to survive" and "to reach the never ending goal
of complexity and diversity."

As we may know, some life may not have all of these meanings.
A jellyfish, for example, does not have a brain, so its meanings are simpler;
however, its beauty, its complexity, and its cohesion are
a unique wonder of the universe.

So life has meaning, but does it have a spirit?
If we study the factors of the universe which life is composed of,
we shall find that life is not only made out of Matter, it is also made out of Synchronicity,
Energy, Cause and Effect, Motion, Time, Pressure, Gravity, Magnetism, Space,
and other factors which are none material. All of these factors combine
is what makes the spirit of life, which powers its evolution and its consciousness.

From fish and slugs to humans, dolphins and whales, we are all the same force
in different bodies, for just like gravity is one force,
no matter the shape, the color, the size, or the volume
which the matter may have, so is life.

Life is spiritual, for its forces and factors go beyond matter.
Life is all powerful, for there is nothing that it can not do if given enough time.
Life is all precious, for every life has its own purpose and its own universe.

Even the most primitive slug, if left on an empty planet suitable for life,
could achieve impossible things within a certain space in time.

Within cause and effect, there is always a struggle
between meaningful and meaningless actions. The actions of the universe
created by cause and effect which make meaning are the creations,
the thoughts and the ideas of the universe.

Random actions without meaning are chaotic, but random actions
which have meaning are creations.

The universe is a massive mind
in a never ending process of thoughts, ideas and creations.
The cause and effect actions which create chaos and order, provide the universe
with a large variety of chances which it uses
to make its countless creations.

Many times, the way a mind creates ideas is in the same manner
which the universe creates its own. Before a mind, which has
nothing to go on, has to come up with an idea, there are many chaotic thoughts.
Then, those chaotic thoughts which become meaningful,
relative to other thoughts, unite, taking cohesion within their meanings,
while the brain starts to use them as a basis to test and to attract
even more meaningful thoughts. As this process continues,
the picture comes clearer, until the creation or idea can be acknowledged.

A wise man or woman ones said "God is in all things" and, indeed,
within true science this is very much so, for when you see a living breathing being
the deity which made it, lies in all of the factors of the universe,
as well as in all of the causes and effects which have come into place
to make that life form, from the present time
to the time the universe came to be and beyond.

©1998 Samuel Vergio Miensinompe