Cause and Effect

Sometimes, the outcome of reality within a certain space in time can be greatly affected by the
starting actions of a single atom.

Most of the time, the way we are aware of reality
usually lies near the present, without concerning much about the past. For example: if I was to say
that the reason why anyone exists is by the cause of two people making love, one becoming
pregnant and giving birth, I would not be completely aware about the process of life
or what life is, for I would only be aware of a small part within time.

The mind has a tendency to file things; divide time; divide space; divide good from bad; and in all of
these divisions, real factors begin to get lost, and as a result, we loose the picture within reality.

We have evolved this manner of thinking, for, usually, it is the best way that the brain can make
sense out of things, in order to survive in an environment where danger is imminent.

So the brain does not sees reality; instead, it creates a mental theory which contains
requirements that are inclined towards the most positive chances of events that would help the
organism survive the most.

To our knowledge, no brain has evolved to see reality, for the brain is a creation which was
made by the factors of biology to maintain the first meaning of life itself which is "to exist".
For example: if you get bitten by a poisonous snake and get sick, your mind makes you think that not
only that snake, but all of the snakes within this same specie are as dangerous, when, in fact,
you where the first person among thousands to be bitten by one of them in 50 years.

The reason why your mind would stereotype that being, is as a means to protect the body more
effectively. In the wild, when something bad happens to a being with a complex mind,
the best way that the mind of that being can protect the body, is by attaching stimuli of fear and/or
anger to the memory of the negative event, and making a recognition of every
similar event there on (whether it involves a living entity or not or a combination of
the two), as having the same outcome, thereby, making a perspective or reality,
which although unrealistic, a successful one in keeping a complex being alive in a
dangerous environment where similar events could lead to similar outcomes.

So our minds are made to file and categorize certain events, certain beings, certain people, certain spaces, in
specific mental drawers, and withing all of this filing and categorizing, reality becomes lost.

This manner of thinking is not perfect, and it is not always successful, for this system does not
agrees with the events of reality itself, yet it is the most advance, for it has been able to be the most
successful mental process of survival for many multicell organisms.

Under a normal wild environment (not our new human social,
technological environment), this manner of thinking increases the survival chances of a thinking being.
However, withing the study of science, this same manner of thinking can be quite a liability, for we
also tend to file, divide and categorize certain factors of the universe in certain mental drawers, and
instead of understanding the universe, we end up recreating our own.

You may ask your self, "What does all of this has to do with cause and effect?" Well, if we do not
understand our minds, we can not adapt them to understand certain vital components
within cause and effect.

Now, getting back to the cause and effect process of life, before we or any organism begins its
journey into becoming alive, just like any none living thing, we exist in a different stage. This stage
is the universal factors and the actions within cause and effect which have been in the making
from the beginning of time and motion to the time we became alive. We are not, as far as I know,
aware of anything during the none living stage of ourselves, but we exist in a highly
complex, massively expanded form of events and factors.

The reason why I am suggesting a doubt whether we are or we are not aware before we
become alive, is because if I was to make myself small and travel into the brain, by the way I would
see the chemical actions and the electrical charges found there, I would not be able to tell
that there would be anything aware withing such an environment, and yet these actions of energy,
motion, magnetism, pressure, and others within this well synchronized structure of mostly
water, carbon and minerals, creates a none material center withing many beings,
a center we call awareness.

If I could put all of the factors which came together within cause and effect to make just me,
for example, during the past 70 years or so, I would have to start from the energy of the sun which
made plants grow, creating energy that was last eaten by my parents and then taken
by me, to all of the actions my parents did since they were born and all of the influential actions
that affected them towards doing those actions.

Although I believe it is impossible to go back through time, if I could do this
and delay my mother for a second in time, maybe make her sneeze. That time that she would
had wasted sneezing could have caused a whole new reality withing cause and effect. For example:
after sneezing she would have wasted the time she need it to meet a boy who would
have been passing by the hallway at work, which she would have been able to have met, if it was not for my
disturbance; a boy that she later let go.

So one small different action, would have set out a whole array of different other effects which could
have changed, from the way my mother did her hair, to the church she could have gone in
the future, which may have caused my mother to have never met my father, which would have
prevented me from being born. So in every way, all of the causes and effects which my mother
pass trough, were, indeed, one part of my growing stage. If that or any other growing stage would
have been avoided, my being would have been aborted. This same reality goes for every
being that has or is existing on this universe.

The sample of cause and effect which I just gave was only being directed to
just one biological subject, but at the same time, any actions that my mother would
have made different, would have also affected the lives of millions of other living entities, as
well as the becoming of many others, for that action of sneezing would have changed the timing and
the actions of my mother, which in turn would have affected the timing and the actions of other
people or beings around her; and they, in turn, would have affected others, and so on and so on.

Within the actions of cause and effect there are no commas, no semicolons or points, for it is a
massively complex continuum without end.

After we die, we are also still here, but in a different form. In a sense, every being who
has lived is immortal within cause and effect, for when we die, the actions that we made, throughout
our lives, are always going to affect the way the future unfolds. This is the place where
we exist. This means that withing the space time continuum, every one of us right now is a
meaningful part of other future beings; but lets not stop there, for those other future beings shall
also make actions to make possible the becoming of other beings, and so on, and so on.

We all take part in the process of creation and destruction, for we are all a part of the deity that is
the universe and beyond. Of course, being intentionally destructive brings a meaningless factor within ourselves,
degrading us as biological beings, and, therefore, most of us try very hard not to do so.

Sometimes it is incredible to believe that all of the decisions that we are making today are causing
the creation or the abortion of future beings and future species. Since we have such a small
awareness of time, space, cause, and effect, we can not see this happening.

Lets say we tossed a coin up to the air, to guess which side it is going to land on.
Although within our minds we would be making a percentage of chances based on past information
concerning what side the coin will land on, within reality, there is a one hundred percent chance that
the coin will land on one specific side, a specific side which has already
been decided by the complex factors of cause and effect as soon as the motion of the coin
being tossed began. However, because our minds can not see this complex cause and
effect factor, it most make a guess, and, therefore, divide an imaginary percentage
of negative, positive outcomes based on the limited information that it has gathered whether
it will land on one side or the other.

Since the complexity of cause and effect is so vast, many of us tend to loose contact with
the subject, yet this knowledge is vital for our survivial and well being. If we
were more aware about cause and effect, we would be able to stop all of the problems that are
facing today's social structures. From hunger and depression to wars and extinctions.

Lets take, for example, an idea of a terrifying destructive force which may not look at all like so in the
eyes of many. Something like, inventing a pill that will make people live for 200 years
without aging. Many people might think that this would be the end of our dying problems, when,
in fact, it will be the beginning of a bigger dying problem.

Taking into account that the Earth is round, and there is no other place where we can go to
at the moment, as well as being aware of the overpopulation problem we have all around the world
already, it is clearly obvious to understand that such a pill would be more potent in
destroying humanity than a nuclear war would be. That is, taking into account that overpopulation
would not cause large societies around the world to start a nuclear war, just to get to the
last piece of bread or resource.

For every action there is a reaction; and the more powerful our actions become, the more
intelligence we need to have, in order to have an awareness of what the future could be like if
certain decisions which create certain actions are made.

Being a small factor of the deity which is the universe and beyond, it is our responsibility to take
care, in a positive manner, the cause and effect which is within our grasp.

©1998 Samuel Vergio Miensinompe

Last Update: 05/26/98