part IX

It is not to say that an atom is one independent acceleration process, for such will depend on the density of the nucleus itself. So it may be that even atoms themselves are made from a combination of other particles which have independent acceleration processes.

Within this brand new universe (created by the conjuncture of independent acceleration processes becoming one through the massive collapsing force of RTS), the RTS of such is negative, relative to the other universe at the outside. Furthermore, the RTS of the new universe is also relative to the size of itself in every way, for it is one independent piece of vast motion in time.

This means that if we could see the inside of such new universe, since such new universe would be quite small, relative to our own, time within such universe would also have to be relative to its RTS size, therefore, motion within such new universe would have to be significantly slower than our own, and time would have to be relative to its own distortion of RTS.

This means that within the farthest region of any universe, time is faster while being slower as it is found towards its center.

Throughout my theory I have shown that the process of acceleration is a distortion of relative time space bestowed upon by matter. However, as I have shown here, matter is not the only one that can create a distorted RTS, for within the universe there is also a distortion of RTS. Such is because the universe has a center of RTS, and from such center RTS expands out, thereby creating a distortion of RTS. So whether a relative time space distortion is created by matter or by the way the universe is made, it is still a distortion of RTS, and therefore, must have its own process of acceleration, for no distorted time space can exist without its acceleration factor.

So even though my wishes are to stick to the assumptions that matter within the universe slows down as it travels outward, the strange factor is, matter within the universe should actually be accelerating as it travels outward, due to the flow of RTS as it travels from the center out.

And even thought the universe has its own process of acceleration, that however does not bestows matter with any gravitational force, relative to such universal flow of RTS, for matter is not against such flow, matter is actually resting on such flow as it travels outward, just like a rock falling towards a planet, resting on the collapsing flow of RTS which the planet bestows.

However, the inertial force (gravity) of the universe could be quite potential if we would fight against such flow to stay still relative to some point in the universe as the RTS of the universe flows outward.

You may ask, if the universe is truly accelerating, and matter is traveling outward into space faster and faster, how come we can still see stars today. By now we should not be able to see stars or galaxies right?

Well, if we took a look at matter being born in the universe, we would see that when all of that matter was born, it was quite close to itself, and so much matter being created by the universe at the same time so close to itself could have created a very strong distortion of RTS which would have made matter traveled back on to itself. However, because of the opposite RTS distortion of the universe, such acceleration factor within the region of matter was not able to form, but the distortion that matter placed on the RTS factor of the universe in the region of matter was, however, enough to weaken the universe's acceleration factor there, thus preventing a faster acceleration of matter outward.

In other ways, because the RTS of the universe was already distorted by the way the universe was made, matter by occupying such distorted RTS in one small area of the center of the universe was not able to create its own opposite RTS distortion there. However, instead it decrease the RTS distortion of the universe within such area, thus preventing a faster universal acceleration within such region, and therefore preventing a faster outward flow of RTS which prevented a faster outward acceleration of matter as it rested within such outward flow.

However, even though matter itself reduced matter's acceleration outward by creating a weaker RTS distortion, such factor also has continued to weaken, for as matter continues to expand outward, it continues to get more diluted relative to the larger RTS where it is travelling to, and therefore, the reduction of RTS acceleration bestowed by matter weakens, just like if a planet were to expand and decompress all of its matter within a larger space, creating as a result a weaker RTS distortion, bestowing a weaker gravitational force relative to its new space expansion.

So as matter within the universe now continues to travel outward due to the universe's acceleration process, matter will continue to gain and outward acceleration factor.

Not a good thought to think about. It is like we where born up the river, but we are heading towards the falls.

However, there is a good possibility that if the universe did not have such an acceleration factor, it would not have had the ability to keep matter from coming back towards the center of the universe and reuniting again. It probably took the opposite acceleration factor of the universe to actually launch matter towards the further areas of the universe.

So without this acceleration factor, the universe most likely would have created matter just to have it come back again and reorganize into one giant ball that would have created another universe without life and such action would have created another universe within it with the same problem, and no volume of matter within such infinitive pattern could have had the chance to evolve.

However, this is a senseless hypothesis because it is making an exception to one particular RTS distortion. If, however, that was a factor within RTS, then that same equational factor would also had to apply to every RTS distortion, making all distortions of relative time space in the same manner. So if this was so, there would not be any gravity, and therefore no formation of planets, universes or matter.

Universal Relative Time Space:

You may ask your self, how come the universe being a distorted relative time space does not eventually gets balanced by the relative time space found outside of the universe. How can such universal RTS stay distorted without matter distorting it?

This is because the universe is one independent factor of relative time space with its own center, and its own RTS distortion which is opposite to the relative time space outside its meanings. What this means is that the universe is a spherical time space factor, which is opposite relative to the time space of the universe where it is found in, and by being opposite relative to such outside time space can not be balanced by such outside time space.

When a super nova finally turns into a DCS with a brand new universe within it, the RTS that formed within such new universe tries to balance its distortion by flowing RTS from its center out, not from its outside in, so such independent RTS distortion can never be balanced by the other RTS found on the outside where such DCS is found.

Immediately after a super nova begins to become a dark collapsed star, the relative time space distortion that used to exist within the meaning of the start which gave the star its strong gravity begins to dissipate from the outside in, leaving a spherical hole of missing relative time space, relative to the universe where such DCS is found, while at the same time, a whole new but opposite factor of RTS distortion begins to form within the meaning of the DCS from its outside in.

So the factor of RTS distortion which the star had ends up completely dissipating within the Big Bang.

However, what keeps making the process of acceleration on the outside of the DCS is basically the ultimate acceleration distortion of relative time space which is missing RTS. When RTS gets distorted, a process of acceleration comes into being because it creates a distortion which RTS attempts to balance by the means of a relative time space flow, in order to balance the distortion. However, imagine a relative time space that all of the sudden gets an area of missing RTS. Such factor causes the ultimate distortion, making RTS flow at its ultimate speed attempting to balance such RTS distortion of missing RTS. So, when RTS acquires an opposite acceleration factor the other time space registers the area as missing. So a time space spherical whole leaves a major distortion creating a major RTS collapse.

The reason why the new relative time space created within the newly made DCS is not registering with the relative time space out side the DCS is because the RTS inside the DCS is opposite relative to the RTS on the outside of the DCS. So what all of this becomes is a struggle between two process of acceleration, the one on the outside caused by missing relative time space and the one at the inside caused by the distortion of the universe's RTS, thus creating a spherical wall of relative time space where both collapses of RTS flow meet.

It is my belief that particles of matter are just like the universe in the sense that atoms have parts which are made from opposite relative time space, therefore having their own RTS centers.

However, because the cause and effect factors which create Big Bangs can only happen when large masses gather large amounts of matter, atoms do not have their own universe within them, just empty relative time space, or perhaps some other factor inside their relative time space made during their making.


I believe that this theory should be respected and studied by other scientists.
There is no other theory out there which can place all of the
factors of motion together the way it is shown here.

In my theory, every single gravitational factor can be
explain using the same equational concept of time space distortion.

Can any one see how significant this is?

After reading and completely understanding this theory, you may
have already realized the many factors within infinity.

Realizing that relative to infinity there are infinite amounts of universes
which are born and die within one second of our time, may make many of us
feel like we, as life forms, are insignificant.

However, life is just like motion, every life has its center
where it is the one standing still and the others are the ones in motion around it.
In other ways, no matter how much diversity of life there is within infinity,
it is, indeed, all important, no matter how large such life forms may be,
no matter how small such life forms may be.

Earth may be infinitely small relative to infinite space,
but relative to itself it is the most largest place in the universe,
and everything else just moves around it. It is the center of infinity
within the universe and beyond. It is our place, our story, our home.

1997, 2000, 2003, 2006 Samuel Vergio Miensinompe