patriots [1600 - 1945]


  • Ancrum, Richard Sr. [MD] DAR Service No. A002333
    (Richard Ankrim, Sr.) was an Associator in Frederick Co., MD as per (Maryland Historical Magazine Vol XI p 163. In 1917 this detail was referenced by Henry C. Peden, Jr., in "Revolutionary Patriots of Frederick County, Maryland". His service was confirmed to me by the D.A.R. (4th Great-Grandfather)

  • Ash, Pvt. Adam [PA] DAR Service No. A003383
    He was born in 1744. This German immigrant served as a private in Captain Parker's company, 2nd Battalion, of the Chester County militia from August 5, 1776 to September 10, 1776. (PA. Archives, 5th Series, Vo. 5, p. 508. Payroll of Capt. Parker's Company, 2nd Battalion. Chester Co., PA, commanded by Col. Thomas Hockley. Enlisted August 5, 1776, left service, Sept. 10, 1776.) Then later in 1781 in the Bedford Co. Milita under the command of Capt. George Ensole. (5th Great-Grandfather)

  • Bailey, Pvt. Joseph Sr. [VA] DAR Service No. A004713
    He was born 1761, he was drafted from Bedford County, PA, for Revolutionary Service January 10, 1777. He seved as a Private, in the Bedford County Militia, under Captain Fisher and Colonel Piper. (5th Great-Grandfather)

  • Baker, Captain John [VA] DAR Service No. A004990
    Born about 1743 in Germany. He was killed by Indians on the banks of the Ohio River at Baker's Fort in what is now Marshall County, WV. It is reported that John Baker served as a Captain in Colonel Silas Hedges 11th Regiment of drafted militia for the Colony of VA. This information was confirmed to me by the D.A.R. (4th Great-Grandfather)

  • Bartlett, Thomas [VA]
    Born about 1729 in Richmond Co. He bought a large plantation in northern Fauquier Co. about 1768. He is listed as a patriot because an Account Book of Colonel William Edwards shows a certificate granted to Thomas Bartlett of Fauquier County for 33 bushels of rye. Several sons also served in the war.(8th Great-Grandfather)

  • Bonar, William, Jr. [MD] DAR Service No. A006774
    Born about 1722 in Ireland of Scotch-Irish Presbyterian ancestry, he came to the colonies with 2 brothers in 1740. His service included signing the "Oath of Fidelity in 1788. His descentants were among the earliest settlers in (present-day) Marshall Co., WV. (4th Great-Grandfather)

  • Cunningham, Adam, Sr. [VA] DAR Service No. A202213
    (b. 1714) He was too old to serve in a military capacity, however, Adam supported the war effort by providing supplies. On 27 Apr 1781, "Per Motion of Adam Cunningham he is allowed £15-0-5 (fifteen pounds, five pence) for the same and same order (For public service as (blurred) this day lodged which is ordered to be certified)" (Shenandoah County Order Book /78/-84, p. 24) The D.A.R. has accepted Adam Cunningham for inclusion in their list of patriots, although in 1993 they combined Adam and his son Adam II into one person. (5th Great-Grandfather)

  • Cunningham, Adam, Jr. [VA] DAR Service No. A028615
    (b. 1743) A lengthy list of public service claims in connection with the Revolutionary War effort were produced in the Shenandoah County Court on 29 Aug 1782 and ordered to be "certifyed" Adam Cunningham had two entries, one on page 12 for sundries for which he was allowed ten pounds, 11 shillings and ten pence and another at page 14 for "26 diets" for which he was allowed 19 shillings. He is also named in his brotherís pension application. He gave an affidavit in support of his service. (4th Great-Grandfather)

  • Davis, Caleb? [DE]
    (b. 1746) Caleb's grave (Davis Ridge Cemetery, Fairmont, WV) appears in the Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots: Volume 1, however the DAR has no record of this patriot. (3rd Great-Grandfather)

  • Evans, Col. John [VA] DAR Service No. A037601
    Lt. Col. John Evans applied for a Pension February 15,1833, at which time he was 96 years old, while residing in Monongalia County, Virginia. His Pension was allowed for six months actual service as a Lt. Colonel in the Virginia troops, Revolutionary War. Part of the time he served under General Lachlan McIntosh and part of the time under General George Washington. He was County Lieutenant of Monongalia County from 1780 until 1789. He was also a member of the Convention of 1776. He was a Delegate to the General Assembly of Virginia from Monongalia County. The local chapter of the D.A.R. is named in honor of Col. Evans. Photostatic copies of Revolutionary War Claim of John Evans, Virginia Troops, Survivor File # 8444, on file in Pension Bureau, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C. (4th Great-Grandfather)

  • Fleming, Pvt. Boaz [DE] DAR Service No. A040603
    was born Jan. 3, 1758, in Delaware and died March 20, 1830, and buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Fairmont, WV. He served in Col. Neil's Regiment and received 13 pounds, ten shillings for his service. Source: DAR Patriot Index, pg. 240 Published by DAR 1966, Washinton, DC. According to "Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Marion County" Boaz was born in DE and served as a PVT. He is my D.A.R. patriot. (3rd Great-Grandfather)

  • Fleming, William [DE] DAR Service No. A040702
    (father of Boaz) enlisted in Revolutionary War Aug. 4, 1777, at the age of 60 in John Patton's Company of the Delaware Regiment. Source: DAR Patriot Index, pg. 240. Published by DAR 1966, Washinton, DC. (4th Great-Grandfather)

  • Griffith, Elisha Greenberry [MD] DAR Service No. A048334
    His war record is based on pension claim S.10198 filed in Harrison Co. (W)VA on services rendered in Frederick Co., MD. He belonged to Captain Ralph Hillary's Maryland company of "Selected Militia", he served on various tours from December 23,1776 until the close of the war. During the period of his service he was frequently stationed at Fredericktown, Maryland in Captain Ralph Hillary's company guarding prisoners and magazines. He was one of the guard to receive the prisoners at Haland's Ferry after the surrender of Cornwallis and marched them to Fredericktown. He was in active service more than two years. This website goes into further detail regarding his pension application. (4th Great-Grandfather)

  • Hughes, Jonathan [VA] DAR Service No. A059204
    made a successful application for a veteran's pension in Gallia County, Ohio dated March 19, 1834. Excerpts from his pension file, S9591, details his military service. He enlisted in Greenbrier County VA as a Minuteman in June 1774, under Captain John Cook and Lieutenant William Gilliland and was sent to Ellis Fort at the "Little Levels". He continued there until the spring of 1777, when he was attached to Captain Hamilton's company and stationed at Jamor Rennix's for three months. (4th Great-Grandfather)

  • Jackson, William [NC]
    possibly the same one who served as Captain in the King's Mountain campaign of the Revolutionary War [Source: Langfitt and Davis British and Colonial Ancestry]. The regiment at King's Mountain were mostly men from Wilkes Co. NC. where William resided at the time. His daughter's headstone identifies her as a Real Daughter of the Revolution. (5th Great-Grandfather)

  • Lough, Pvt. John [PA] DAR Service No. A072040
    was a veteran of American Revolutionary War according to PA Archives, Third Series, Vol. 23, pp 758 and 777, having served in 1781 and 1782 in the Pennsylvania Militia (Cumberland Co.) as Private, Fourth Class, in the Fourth Battalion and Captain Walter Hockle's (Huchle) Chamber's Battalion. His tombstone reads "John Lough PVT 4CL.PA.MIL/REV.WAR/1816. He was born 1760 in Fayette Co., PA and died 1816 in Monongalia Co., (W)VA. (4th Great-Grandfather)

  • Owens, John Sr. [PA]
    Further documentation is needed to confirm this John Owens as the one whose military service has been accepted by an Ohio branch of the S.A.R. John was born in Ireland about 1740 and died near Owens Run, Waynesburg, Greene Co., PA. (4th Great-Grandfather)

  • Powell, William [VA] DAR Service No. A092159
    was born about 1710 in Somerset Co., MD. He furnished beef to the troops. His service is confirmed by "Gwathmey, History Reg. of VA in the Revolution," page 635 and Abercrombie & Slatten, "Va Rev. Rublic Claims" vol. 3 page 897. (6th Great-Grandfather)

  • Wells, Pvt. John [MD & VA] DAR Service No. A122521
    His military service includes Maryland & Va. No. 13154 and No. S. 6351. Born in Queen Anne County, Maryland, in 1757, he enlisted in August, 1776, under Captains Dean and Roberts as a private and served in the Flying Camp force under Colonel B. Richardson. He died in 1835 in (now) Marion Co., WV. (4th Great-Grandfather).

  • Williams, Capt. Basil Lee [ PA and MD] DAR Service No. A125882
    served along with at least three of his sons in the war. Three sons served under Capt. Williams in a Maryland regiment. After the war, he was a ranger on the frontier. (4th Great-Grandfather)


    Linton, Moses: [VA]

    (c1667-1753) Served in the Virginia Militia in Stafford Co., in 1702. Source: Five Generations of the Family of Burr Harrison of Virginia,1650-1800 (Alcock, 1991, pg. 203 (8th Great Grandfather)

    Peyton, Capt. Valentine [VA]

    He was elected to the House of Burgesses in 1741 and the Virginia Militia before 1745. Source: Records of Dettingen Parish, Prince William County, Virginia Vestry Book, 1745-1785, Dumfries, Virginia: Historic Dumfries Virginia, Inc., 1976 page: pp. 1-11 (7th Great Grandfather)

    Powell, William [VA]

    He was the Lt. Govenor of Jamestown and elected to House of Burgesses in 1620. He was later killed in an Indian attack at Jamestown in 1630. (1577-1630). (9th Great Grandfather).

    Hughes, William [VA]

    William enlisted in the Virginia Militia in the beginning of the war in 1754. When George Washington retired on December 27, 1758, William was the 8th officer to sign the Address Of Appreciation. After the war, he was commissioned a lieutenant in Stephens Regiment (May 22, 1762) and then an Adjutant (June 8, 1762). As a result, was given a grant of 2,000 acres of land for his services to the colony of Virginia. (6th Great-Grandfather)

    Jackson, Gen. Joseph [NJ]

    According the the Rockaway Records of Morris County, N.J., Joseph Jackson was a General in the French Indian War. He was born Feb. 9, 1710 on Flushing, Long Island and in 1731, moved to Morris County, N.J. He descendants carried the Jackson name into almost every state east of the Mississippi. (6th Great-Grandfather)

    Chief Tanacharisson [PA]

    Also known to the English as the "Half-King". He was the leader of the Mingo band of the Seneca First Nation who took part in the French and Indian War as spies for the British. He was born about 1700 near Buffalo, NY. As a child, he was taken captive by the French and later adopted into the Seneca tribe, one of the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy. He later claimed that he watched the French cannibalize his father. Personally, I believe further documentation is needed to connect him to the Owens line. (5th Great-Grandfather)

  • WAR OF 1812:
    Ankrom, Pvt. Aaron [VA]

    He was found on a muster roll of a company of Virginia militia under the command of Capt. John Bennett, at Norfolk, in the service of the United States, commanded by Lieut. Col. Henry E. Coleman, from the 30th day of May, 1814, when last mustered, to the 28th of June, 1814. This company was composed of men in what is now Marshall County, WV. It was copied from the original roll now in the hands of attorney J. Alexander Ewing, at present a member of the House of Delegates. It belonged to James Ewing, his grandfather. (3rd Great-Grandfather)

  • WAR OF 1812:
    Evans, Col. Dudley [VA]

    Col. Evans distinguished himself in civil and military life; he was a member of the House of Delegates and the General Assembly of VA from 1803 to 1816. He was a colonel in the "Western Virginia Brigade" under Gen. William Henry Harrison, War of 1812. I recently acquired a image of Dudley Evans. (3rd Great-Grandfather)

  • WAR OF 1812:
    Owens, John T. Jr. [PA]

    John was born in Greene Co. PA and died near Booth Creek (present-day) Marion Co., WV. He was found on a muster roll of a company of Virginia militia under the command of Capt. John Bennett, in the service of the United States, commanded by Lieut. Col. Henry E. Coleman, from the 30th day of May, 1814, when last mustered, to the 28th of June, 1814. This company was composed of men in what is now Marshall County, WV. His daughter married the son of Aaron Ankrom (listed above). (3rd Great-Grandfather)

    Ankrom, Joseph K. [WV Union]

    Born in 1804 in Tyler Co., (W)VA, he served in Company E, 2nd Regiment, of WV Calvery, which had aligned with the Union. The Bureau of Pension has quite a bit of paperwork regarding his pension. Joseph died in Tyler County, WV (2nd Great-Grandfather)

    Wells, Richard Jr. [WV Union]

    The local newspaper reported that he attended a reunion of the Society of the Survivors of Company F, 12th WV Volunteer Infantry of the Civil War on Sept. 20, 1902. Richard spent most of his life as a shoemaker and farmer. He and his family appeared in Basnettville, Marion Co., WV in 1860-1900 Censuses. He died Jan. 8, 1805 after being stricken with paralysis (a stroke?). A photo of his gravesite can be viewed on this site. (2nd Great-Grandfather).

    Ankrom, J. Claude [WV] | Biography

    The day after Pearl Harbor, he enlisted in the Navy and spent the next four years first stationed in the Perlas Islands off the coast of Panama, and later to the brand-new USS McCoy-Reynolds as a Carpenter's Mate. He spent the majority of his tour of duty in the Pacific Theater. In 1943 while on shore leave, he married Hazel Baker in Washington, D.C. After his Honorable Discharge in October, 1945, he trained as a Refrigeration/Air Conditioning technician and later moved to Florida. He died Feb. 1995. View a short biography of his military experience. (Father)

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