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These ellusive ancestors are "MISSING". I cannot seem to break through the brick wall. No one seems to know who their parents or siblings were. If you happen to have them, P - L - E - A - S - E   let me know.

  • Caleb Davis

    was born 1746 in Cedar Creek Hundred, Sussex County, DE. He married Leah Basnett of Sussex County and migrated to Monongalia Co., (now Marion Co., WV) before 1800. They are buried in the Davis Ridge Cemetery in Fairmont, WV. There were numerous Davises in Sussex County at that time, but cannot connect him to this line, although there are court records and deed transactions between Caleb and these other Davises. There is some speculation that his father may have been Thomas Davis, originally of Somerset Co., MD who moved to Cedar Creek Hundred or Robert Davis of Kent Co., DE.   See: Davis

  • George W. Richardson

    was born 1794 in Maryland according to all the census records. He married Jane Fleming in 1825, a daughter of Boaz Fleming. George and Jane lived in Flaggy Meadows near Mannington, (now Marion Co., WV).   See: Richardson

  • Sarah Ann Griffith

    FOUND!   She was born 1816 in VA, probably Harrison Co., (present-day Marion Co. WV). She married Benjamin L. Spencer in 1835. I suspect she was the daughter of one of 4 brothers who settled Harrison County. I just found a marriage bond for Sarah and Benjamin L. Spencer signed by Elisha Griffith identifying the bride as his daughter. It was witnessed by Elizabeth H. Griffith (presumably her mother). Here's a scanned copy of the marriage bond.   See: Griffith

  • Sarah Beam

      She was born 1766 in Maryland and was the second wife of George Baker, a son of Capt. John Baker, a well-known Indian fighter. They were probably married sometime around 1790. She died after 1850 in Marshall Co., (now WV).   See: Baker

  • Abigail Jackson

      There is much confusion about Abigail who married Jonathan Hughes. Some researchers say that her father is Edward Jackson who married Martha Miller, others say her father is William Jackson, a half-brother of Edward. William did sign her marriage bond in Wilkes Co. NC. Adding to the confusion, Edward is buried next to Sarah in Harrison Co. WV. Apparently his grave was moved from another site. I believe William was her true father as there is no documentation to prove that Edward was ever in North Carolina and Edward's daughter was named in his will as Sarah Flesher.   See: Jackson

  • Sarah Bonar

    FOUND!   Born about 1814 in probably Marshall Co. WV (then Ohio Co. VA). She was the second wife of Daniel Baker, grandson of Capt. John Baker. She is believed to be a daughter of David Bonar and Elizabeth Wilson who migrated to Marshall County from Maryland. A photo of Sarah was recently added in the photo gallery.   See: Bonar

  • Elizabeth Hutchinson

      Elizabeth was born in Middletown, DE around 1764 and died in 1823 in Fairmont, (now WV.) She married Boaz Fleming, the founder of Fairmont. There were some Hutchinsons in Delaware at that time but they were Swedes who usually married only other Swedes. The Flemings were Scotch Presbyterians.   See: Fleming

  • Rachel Morgan

      She was born about 1746, probably in Fairfax Co. VA. She could be connected to the Morgan family who first settled Monongalia County (now WV). She married Adam Cunningham, a prolific family in the area. Most of her children were born in the Shenandoah Valley, VA, so they didn't migrate to WV until later. She is buried in the Pitzer Cemetery, on Bethel Run in Marion Co. (WV).   See: Cunningham

  • Rebecca "Ann" Martin

      She was born 1738 in Loudoun Co., VA and married Col. John Evans in 1761. She died 1827 in Monongalia County. She and her husband both lived well into their 90s. She is a sister to Col. Charles Martin who was well-known in the area, but no one seems to know who their parents were.   See: Evans

  • Ann Arah Williams

    FOUND!   Born about 1766 and married Col. Dudley Evans, son of John and Ann {Martin} Evans. She died and is buried in Monongalia County. She is the daughter of Arah Dorsey (dau. of Joshua Dorsey & Anne Ridgely) and Capt. Basil Lee Williams of Anne Arundel Co. MD. A photo of her was recently added to this site.   See: Williams

  • Jane Wiley

      Jane was born about 1774 in Chester Co. PA and died in Monongalia Co. (W)Va in 1866. She married Joseph Lough in 1796. They probably migrated to WV between 1805 and 1810 based on the birth information of her children. There are quite a few Wileys in the area and this has caused considerable disagreement over her parentage. Believed to be descended from the Wiley/Willey families originally of Delaware.   See: Lough

  • Roger Robinson

      was born in England around 1750 and at some point ended up in Westernport, MD. He married Rebecca (unknown) about 1775 and had at least 7 children; Lott Owing, William, JOHN, Caleb, Joshua Owen, Rebecca, and Samuel. He died 1795 in Westernport, Allegany Co., MD. I have been unable to find any additional information on him.   See: Robinson

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